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Department of MBA

Faculty Details

Photo Name Qualification Designation Teaching Experience Date of Joining
Dr. A. Kishore Kumar MBA Professor & HOD 22/12/12
Mrs. R. Bhavani MBA Assoc Prof 19/7/12
Mr. P.Mahendar MBA Assoc Prof 1/9/10
Mrs. A. Supriya MBA Asst Prof 2/9/11
Mrs. M. Rekha Lakshmi MBA Asst Prof 22/2/12
Mrs. N. Archana MBA Asst Prof 7/9/11
Mrs. R. Sandhya MBA Asst Prof 22/7/12
Mrs. T. Haritha MBA Asst Prof 2/1/13
Mr. S. Amruth Reddy MBA Asst Prof 1/11/14
Ms. B. Sukhjeeth Kaur MBA Asst Prof 16/08/14