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Department of Humanity & Sciences

Faculty Details

Photo Name Qualification Designation Teaching Experience Date of Joining
Dr.D.Pradeep Kumar Ph.D Polymar Chemistry Professor & HOD 1/3/2012
Dr.P.Venkateshwarlu Ph.D Library Science Professor 12/5/2008
Dr.A.Chakradhar Ph.D Orgnic Chemistry Professor 3/9/2012
Dr.M.Venkatesham Ph.D Bilogical and catalytical studies of silver Nano particles Professor 23/7/2012
Dr.P.Anuradha Ph.D English Professor 20/06/2014
Dr.S.V.S Prasad M.Phil Physics Professor 20/06/2014
Dr.A.Madhusudhan Ph.D Analasys of Ecological models involving fine Delays Professor 11/6/2014
A.Sreedhar M.Li.Sc Librarian 8/10/2008
V.Maha Lakshmi M.Sc Associate Professor 14/9/2009
B.Madhuri M.A Associate Professor 1/11/2011
S.Sudheer Kumar M.Sc Associate Professor 15/7/2013
K.Narendhar M.Sc Associate Professor 1/6/2014
N.Veerabhadra Rao M.Sc Associate Professor 1/6/2014
D.Suresh Kumar M.Sc Associate Professor 2/6/2014
J.Sridhar Reddy M.Sc Associate Professor 2/6/2014
C.Ravikumar Reddy M.Sc Associate Professor 3/6/2014
V.Kavitha M.Sc. Associate Professor 7/6/2014
K.Triveni M.A Associate Professor 10/6/2014
P.Vijaya Lakshmi M.A Associate Professor 14/06/2014
G.Anjaneyulu M.A Associate Professor 10/6/2014
M.Rajashekar M.Sc Associate Professor 1/6/2014
R.Ramulu M.Sc Associate Professor 15/06/2014
A.RamaDevi M.Sc. Associate Professor 12/6/2014
B.V.L.Narsimha Rao M.A Associate Professor 14/06/2014
G.Shruthi M.Sc Assistant Professor 9/7/2013
K.Shilpa M.Sc Assistant Professor 8/8/2013
V.Lakshmi Narayana M.A Assistant Professor 20/9/2013
K.Sriramulu M.Sc Assistant Professor 2/6/2014
M.Niranjan M.Sc Assistant Professor 3/6/2014
T.Padma M.Sc Assistant Professor 5/6/2014
Sumjayya Sulthana M.A Assistant Professor 20/06/2014
N.Mamatha M.Sc Assistant Professor 10/6/2014
A.Srinivas M.Sc Assistant Professor 12/6/2014
C.Kotaiah M.Sc Assistant Professor 1/6/2014
V.Malla Reddy M.Sc Assistant Professor 12/6/2014
B.S.Vamshi Krishna M.Sc Assistant Professor 25/06/2014
P.Shireesha M.Sc Assistant Professor 2/6/2014
D.Vijaya M.Sc Assistant Professor 13/06/2014
C.LavaKumar M.Sc Assistant Professor 12/6/2014
D.Kalpana M.Sc Assistant Professor 12/6/2014
K.Manasa M.Sc Lab-Incharge 25/09/2012
N.Mallesh M.A Lab-Incharge 3/6/2014
Ch.Mahender Reddy M.Sc Lab-Incharge 8/6/2014
M.Ramesh M.Sc Lab-Incharge 12/6/2014
Lilly Sudha Eda M.Sc Lab-Incharge 13/06/2014